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Job-hop, skip, trip

Moving jobs gives an employee the opportunity to explore new prospects, which in turn can lead to further career development and perhaps an upgrade in title, salary and benefits. When candidates frequently move from job to job, however, a potential new employer will assume that the candidate could do the same to them. They may hesitate to invest in someone they suspect lacks the commitment to stay for the long term.

Every employer who hires someone on a permanent basis is looking for someone to take on a long-term role with them. They want someone who is committed to helping them develop their business and they will want to recoup the time and monetary costs associated with hiring this person.

One or two short stints on a CV might be deemed acceptable, providing these moves can be explained properly. However, regularly moving jobs can lead employers to feel that candidates lack good judgement. A potential employer likes to see a candidate with a history of loyalty and the ability to be part of a solution when the going gets tough.

Some people feel it is necessary to move position as often as every 12 months in order to get a better salary or job title. When considering a potential career move, however, you should make sure it is to further enhance your career and will allow you to develop skills in new areas. If you have had regular job movements in the past, make sure you reassure your prospective employer about your long-term commitment. Only accept a permanent job if you can see yourself committing to that position for a reasonable length of time.

Walter Ellicott, managing director, Ellicott Long Limited, recruiting professionals for the property and construction industries in Asia.