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Long-term goals can be altered

Published on Thursday, 24 Feb 2011

Last week, this column discussed the importance of planning your career and the need to come up with long-term goals. Such goals cannot be achieved without the right attitude and strategy.


Long-term goals can be altered or amended as your aspirations or values change. It is quite likely this will be the case.

Once your goals are in place, it is important to establish the steps you will need to take to reach those longer-term objectives. These steps may need alteration, but will be based on such considerations as academic qualifications, professional membership, technical experience and personal development.


With firm goals in place, you must have the right attitude. Enthusiasm is the catalyst to success. It makes your personal and professional experiences more satisfying.

Career planning or goal setting will only achieve its purpose if you adhere to the principles of measuring your progress and follow the path you have planned.


This means it is important to write down your goals. The process of putting pen to paper allows you to keep clear focus, check your achievements and make the necessary alterations when required.

Imagine you are planning an overseas trip and the amount of time and energy you would devote to it. Your career will probably span the next 30 years of your life so start planning now.

Emma Charnock, regional director, Hays Hong Kong and China

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