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Retention is better than cure

In our final week on the subject, we continue to look at some of the best methods companies can employ to make sure they hold on to their best staff.

Your managers Look at the quality of your managers. Front-line managers are the key to retention. How good are they at motivating and inspiring their team members? How about managing performance, both good and bad? Setting useful goals? Providing useful feedback?

Flexible working There are many people who require flexible working options to remain in employment, such as those who need to care for young  children or elderly relatives. Flexibility demonstrates to employees that they are valued. Certain duties may preclude the ability to offer certain options, but if, for example, telecommuting is not appropriate, perhaps job sharing and flexible working hours are.

If they do go Despite your best efforts, some staff will still leave. An employment brand is affected as much by the people who leave as the people who are still employed. Make leaving a positive experience – even just an exit interview can make a big difference.

Marc Burrage, regional director, Hays in Hong Kong