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Take steps to stop job hops

Published on Friday, 31 Aug 2012
Marc Burrage

We have seen how jobseekers today have higher expectations about the kind of employment they want. They genuinely want to secure the right role for themselves and their future career development.

The catalyst for this has been a general rise in workload levels, unfulfilled career development, organisational instability and, since the global financial crisis, a lack of appropriate recognition.

Many of the people coming to Hays have excessive workloads after taking on more and more duties over recent years. With pressure mounting on these candidates to deliver, they are watching the market carefully for new roles. These candidates often feel they are not being rewarded for the work they have done.

What's also interesting is that we've seen a change in the attitudes of organisations towards candidates who have frequently changed roles. Employers are now much more unwilling to consider candidates who have changed jobs too often, as they also want to secure a long-term employee.

This is expected to further motivate candidates to look for a role in which they can potentially achieve a longer-term tenure.

Marc Burrage, regional director of Hays in Hong Kong

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