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The 8 Best Jobs For Nerds

Being a “nerd” growing up was never easy. On the playground, schoolyard bullies often picked on those who were more interested in books and other things that lay along the “fringe” of what was deemed socially acceptable.
Being labeled a nerd was enough to banish you to the outskirts of popularity and it was easy to fall into the despair of loneliness. Surprisingly, it is now those so-called nerds who are taking over the world, especially when it comes to working in the fields of technology and creative arts or design. While surviving childhood unscathed is a feat in its own right, the rewards of being a nerd now are tenfold because of the job opportunities available to those who are more inclined to high test scores, random and specific knowledge, and outlying interests.

Geek out, nerds. Here are the eight best jobs for you:

1.Computer programmer. Working as a computer programmer is practically every nerd’s dream come true. Imagine fixing computers and working on coding, designing, testing, and implementing new software on a daily basis. Now imagine getting paid, on average, up to $75,000 USD per year doing what you already enjoy doing in your free time. Sounds brilliant, right?

2.Software developers. Working closely with computer programmers, software developers are the ones who operate in the background to make sure all the computer programmes work smoothly inside the machines people bang their fingers on each day. Earn a software degree and start earning upwards of $90,000 a year.

3.Information security analysts. With the growing threat of cyber attacks around the world, there’s no better time for nerds to use their knowledge and skill in information technology to help ensure that the intellectual property and other confidential information of a company or organisation doesn’t fall into the hands of the wrong people. Average pay can reach into $70,000 annually and is projected to rise in the coming years with the increase in demand.

4.Optometrist. There’s no further tell-tale sign that points to a nerd than a pair of glasses, but for those brainiacs who enter the field of optomology, it’s clear to see why this would be a smart move. With six out of ten people needing either glasses or contact lenses at some point in their lives, the profession will always be highly sought-after. Being an optometrists is a very lucrative profession as well. They can easily make over six figures each year.

5. Forensic science technician. Yes, this was the same profession as Showtime’s murderer-with-a-heart-of-gold series, Dexter, but being a forensic science technician is definitely an interesting vocation even without the inner bloodlust. You get to collect and analyse samples from various crime scenes, work in a labratory to decipher evidence, and help put criminals behind bars. Not bad for an annual salary of over $50,000 USD.

6.Paralegal. If you’re a nerd who loves research and having a wide wealth of knowledge, perhaps being a paralegal is the right job for you. This is a fact-heavy position that requires lots of reading and investigative research among books and past legal cases, but getting paid $50,000 a year to read and learn each and every day isn’t a bad trade-off.

7.Accountant. Maths lovers can rejoice that there’s a perfect career for you. Being an accountant means double checking a company’s finances to ensure that all the numbers, facts, and figures add up correctly. Considering the average salary for accountants fall in the $70,000 range, accounting sums up to a very good career.

8.Graphic designers. By using attention to detail, an aptitude for computer software and/or art, as well as a strong eye for color and design, graphic designers create visually appealing concepts to communicate a company or a brand’s products and philosophy to the public consumer. For over $40,000 a year, it’s an ideal job for those nerds in search of a creative outlet.

It’s a double edged sword being a nerd and certainly one that can evoke a love/hate relationship. Some days it can get awfully lonely to be shunned by those whose approval you seek, but other days it can be invigorating and even empowering to follow the beat of your own drum. Take solace in knowing that one day when your professional career starts to take off, it will be you with the “cool” job that allows you to continue pursuing your passions and get rewarded handsomely for it.