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Alistair Macdonald

Alistair works as Assistant Academic Manager Adult Courses at the British Council in Hong Kong. He has worked as a teacher for the British Council in a variety of educational contexts over the last seven years. He has a diploma in English Language Teaching and a PRINCE2 qualification in Project Management.


Giving the Perfect Presentation (Part 2)

In this part, we continue with further tips on how to give the perfect presentation...... ...

【職場英語 專家教路】 掌握完美演講的技巧

世上真正有演講天份的人不多,不少世界名人也害怕公開演說。即使你未必要在百萬群眾面前踏上講台,但掌握演講技巧仍然十分重要...... ...

Giving the Perfect Presentation (Part 1)

Very few people in the world enjoy the prospect of giving a presentation. Even though you may not be speaking to millions of people, giving the perfect presentation is still important. ...