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3 Quick tips for acing a job interview

Published on Tuesday, 24 Feb 2015

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, job interviews can be daunting. A careless or inappropriate comment could cost you the opportunity.

Andrew Morris, Managing Director, Greater China, Robert Half International, offers some useful guidance on what not to say to a hiring manager during an interview.

1. Do not criticise your current employer
Even if you have legitimate reasons to criticise your current or former employer, complaining in an interview could make you appear resentful. A negative attitude could cause the hiring manager to question your ability to handle difficult situations. If asked why you have left or are leaving your job, rather than making negative remarks, remain neutral and illustrate your wish to develop new skills or take on new challenges.

2. Avoid asking premature questions about job perks
Although you are interested in learning about the benefits package it is important that the hiring manager does not perceive that this is the most important aspect of the role for you. Questions related to job perks can be asked once the hiring manager has expressed a serious interest in hiring you. Until then, focus your efforts on what you can offer the company, not what the company can offer you.

3. Be flexible 
It is important that you demonstrate your flexibility and eagerness to learn. Remember that there are always issues you will have to compromise on in any job. If you are not happy with the requirements mentioned in the interview, keep an open mind and make a decision after you have had time to think.

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