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5 Hot Finance Skills Recruiters Hunt For in Hong Kong

For hopeful finance employees, there is arguably no better location for your career than booming Hong Kong. Asia’s World City will delight new arrivals with its special blend of western and eastern cultures that creates the perfect opportunity for an international lifestyle. If your eyes are set on employment in the Hong Kong financial center, up your chances by demonstrating the qualities that top recruiters want. Here are the hot skills for finance that recruiters in Hong Kong are looking for. 

Experience. Unlike the investment banking industries, which recruit the majority of their new employees right out of top tier colleges, the financial world in Hong Kong values the work of a seasoned employee. First, they will check to see if you have had internship experience during your undergraduate years at university. Once you have matriculated, most financial recruiters are looking for potential employees with between three to five years of financial experience. The theory is that more experienced employees have not only acquired the hard skills, such as java or analysis required for finance, but they have also a solid grasp on the interpersonal financial skills that benefit an international workplace.

Soft skills. Working in finance is not just about numbers and technical prowess. Increasingly, recruiters and employers are seeking workers who can take on strong leadership roles. A part of leadership, of course, is guiding those around you to fulfill their roles to the best of their ability. In an international environment, workplace diversity plays an important part. Hence, the ability to effectively work well with those from different backgrounds becomes increasingly important. For this reason, previous international experience gained through study abroad or work abroad programmes is a desirable trait to mention on your CV.

ACCA Qualification. Even if you have gone the route of business degree plus MBA, this extra accreditation will shine like a gold star. According to financial recruiters, the ACCA is one of the most sought-after qualifications in Hong Kong. The ACCA Network itself claims to be the global network for accountants with 91 offices worldwide for support wherever you are. Most importantly, only those with at least 36 months of relative experience are able to begin the training. With this qualification, you can demonstrate an accumulation of the previously mentioned sought after items. The ACCA not only requires experience, but devotes an entire portion of training to ethics. With this on your resume, recruiters and potential employers know at once the extent of your abilities. 

Time management skills. If you are organised with your processes and focused on conserving your time, finance recruiters are looking for you. As Hong Kong continues to develops its financial industries, employers are seeking those who can streamline processes and help the business “work smarter, not harder.”  Of course, with better working tactics, the main goal financial companies are trying to achieve is an increased bottom line. If you can display this kind of financial skill on your CV or in an interview, you may land the job.

Chinese language skills. For foreign born Chinese, or native Hong Kong residents, this last skill might be one you acquired at birth. For internationals or those without Chinese language skills: start studying. Roles in the financial sector in Hong Kong are increasingly becoming more and more reliant on spoken and written Mandarin Chinese. With the Chinese market’s continual growth, many multinational companies are looking to invest in employees with the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in both English and Mandarin Chinese. 

For the potential Hong Kong finance employee, remember that your proven finance skills are definitely a desirable trait, but recruiters and employers are now looking for a more well-rounded individual to breech cultural gaps. There are tangible ways to increase your soft skills through certification or time abroad. Those experiences will positively affect your ability to communicate with people from ethnically diverse backgrounds, a must when working in Hong Kong. And the best communication tool of all is language. Take time to study written and spoken Mandarin for your greatest chance for gainful employment in Hong Kong’s growing finance sector.