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8 must-have items to keep yourself warm in office

Dear sleepy office workers,

As informed by the Hong Kong Observatory, an intense winter monsoon is bringing appreciably cooler and rainy weather to the coastal areas of Guangdong… Finally, winter is coming!

At this exciting moment, here are 2 special news for you:
1. Bad News: we cannot enjoy the cozy winter sleep every morning…:(
2. Good News: there are still ways to keep yourself warm and cozy at the office!

So, are you ready to embrace the working hours with the following 8 must-have items?

1. Hot Drinks

A cup of hot drink in the morning can surely wake you up from the low temperature.

Dark coffee is loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients that are benefit for the strengthening of memory, which is perfect for winter office mornings.

If you are a non-coffee drinker, try a cup of silky Hong Kong-style milk tea, or a pot of refreshing Chinese ginger tea.

Equip yourself for the long working day with the peace of mind~

2. USB Cup Heater

A super brilliant invention is going to rock your office!

Simply by taking power directly form your computer, the USB cup heater can keep your drinks as warm as the first time you poured it into the cup!

With this clever little toy, you can just throw away the cumbersome vacuum cup without worrying about the cold air!

3. Fingerless Gloves

If you are feeling too chilly(or maybe, too lazy) to put your hands out of the pockets, a pair of comfy and flexible fingerless gloves may be your frozen-hand saver.

With this little helper at the office, handling your digital devices while keeping your hands warm is not a luxurious dream any more.

4. Wool Shawl

Coldblooded office ladies, please do a favor and throw away your heavy overcoats…

Instead, a well-made wool shawl may save you from the chilly temperature, and moreover, gain you dozens of praise !

Why not catch the chance to be the fashion icon at the office?

Love yourself, even when you are in a cold office, and keep charming!

5. Warm Water Bag

An environmental-friendly hot water bag is absolutely a great companion in winter time!

You can just simply DIY an office hot water bottle by pouring hot water into your drinking bottle, and warp it with a scarf.

Besides, warm water bags can also relieve the cramp. Prepare them at the office just in case!

6. Mini Humidifier

Not only does winter bring about cold air, but also dry weather.

If you start to feel that your skin is drying out in the cold air, maybe it’s time to add a mini-size humidifier on your desk.

This little stuff is able to increase hydration for you skin, and relief tensions. All you need is just a glass of distilled water and your favorite essential oil!

Good mood brings real warmth to your heart, right?

7. Christmas Ornaments

If asked what’s the warmest festival of the year, I beg many people would say Christmas without question!

At the thought of the fancy Christmas tree, the lovey reindeer, the shiny little light bulbs and the sweet carols… a stream of warm current starts to heat up the whole atmosphere!

Hey, Santa Claus is coming to town, let’s decorate your office with these delightful Christmas ornaments! Get your party mood at work!

8. Another cup of hot drink

Yes you read that right.

You do need another cup of coffee, or tea. Not for yourself, but you boss!

Honestly, at the office, there is no more important issue than making your boss happy. (and you’ll be happy too!)

Therefore, why not share the warmth with your boss and other colleagues, and make your office a cozy family!