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Applications are going unnoticed

Question :

Dear Doctor,

Please suggest me a some way to get my job applications turning into appointments.

I shifted to HK from India on my dependent Visa 2.5 months back,since then constantly applying on every job posting related to HR/Admin/Operation/English Teacher. however no positive revert.

I am a postgraduate in Human Resource, studied from India , having 3 years of exp in HR. but my job applications are going completely unnoticed, thrown to trash.

I have reached on such frustration level wherein i am giving second thought to my stay in HK.

However  at last seeking a genuine advice from you that should i do to sustain here.

Kind Regards

Posted by reena on Friday, 11 Apr 2014

Comments :

Many thanks for submitting your question to us. While I fully empathise with you on your frustrations, my initial recommendation would be to persevere and keep trying as making any career movement(s) tend to take some time. On its own, an international move is never easy and straightforward, coupled with an intended career change, this will add a layer of complexity to the situation and require more time for things to fall into place so my first piece of advice is to remain as positive as you can. As you have a post grad in HR plus 3 years of experience in the field, I would also suggest that this be your main area of focus. The experience that you have under your belt will put you in better stead to secure a job within the industry as compared to trying your luck at something completely new which you have no experience in. It also important to strategise your job search. Are you talking to recruitment consultants to gain their input, advice and feedback? Is your CV written in such a way that you are selling your skills effectively for example? All of these are factors and items that a recruitment agency will be able to help you on. If you are applying directly to companies a lot of the time you just won't get the detailed feedback as they receive such high levels of resumes to review. Also, to improve your chances of conversion rates from applications to appointments, you can try to follow up with a call to the recruitment consultants after sending out your CV for related jobs. When you do this, not only are you increasing your chances of getting your resume seen and read by recruitment consultants, you are also increasing your profile and recall with the recruitment consultants. This is beneficial as it may lead to recruitment consultants remembering that you might be a right fit for incoming roles that they receive. To add, a career change to a totally new industry such as an English teacher or Operations can be more challenging in the Hong Kong market as a lot of the mandates will require prior experience in that field as well as proficiency in Chinese and Cantonese. This might put you in a less advantageous position. To conclude, my advice would be to persevere within the HR field as this is where you have built your specialism and be patient as the industry is competitive. Finally, you would also have to adopt a proactive and resilient approach as mentioned in the above paragraphs. Finally, all the best in your search!

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