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Aviation work may take off

Aircraft maintenance

Despite the seasonal blip, airline maintenance job prospects remain positive. Even when aircraft are not flying, they still have to be maintained. Moreover, Hong Kong is deemed superior compared with Europe, America and Australia in terms of fees. Overseas airlines want to use the city’s services, not to mention the new budget airlines due to join the Hong Kong aviation market. More airlines mean more aircraft, and thus more maintenance – and job opportunities.

Young people wishing to work in this industry can consider applying for aircraft mechanic courses. The Vocational Training Council and the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education actually offer such courses. Graduates are normally hired as trainees by companies such as HAECO and have the chance to train as qualified aircraft mechanics. Subject to performance, they may even have a chance to train as qualified engineers.

Airlines also offer engineering trainee schemes. Applicants may need an engineering degree, but work experience is not necessary and they also have a chance to qualify as engineers. But the jobs are mostly in planning, management and handling engineering issues in control centres. Little hands-on work is required.

Vivian Leung, business development manager, Aviation Institute
As told to Chiu Po-sze