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Back pat can go a long way

In this final instalment in our series on effective communication in the workplace, we focus on the need for professionalism and follow-up.

Separate the issue from the person Conflicts in communication arise when people start to take matters personally. It is important to be mindful that what you say may affect the receiver of your message. Be assertive rather than obnoxious in putting your ideas across. Be sensitive to gender differences and cultural norms in various work settings. In Asia, for instance, "giving face" is important in the workplace.

Write to follow up To ensure that all facts are properly obtained after a meeting or conversation, follow up in writing to avoid any confusion or miscommunication. Being diligent in small things like this leads to positive outcomes, as it shows your dedication to details - and details are crucial to project management success.

Express appreciation when appropriate - and be sincere Everyone needs a pat on the back from time to time. It helps boost employee engagement in the workplace. A simple thank-you note is a wise investment as it keeps people happy at work. No one wants to work for an unappreciative boss. Genuine care and concern can keep a multi-generational talent force going even in tough times.

Christine Sim, general manager, search and recruitment, Links Recruitment Singapore