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Battling it all out on the board!

Imagine forming your own company with your buddies, experimenting with leading-edge business strategies while competing with other enterprises to expand market share by outwitting one another - all in a risk-free environment.

As an online computer-simulated game, the Hong Kong Management Game creates a realistic business setting in which teams of contestants make decisions to generate maximum sales while at the same time minimising losses incurred by multiple unforeseen pitfalls.

"The Hong Kong Management Game is more than just a game," says Glover Chan, senior marketing manager of the organisers, the Hong Kong Management Association. "It is an experience which was designed to help participating individuals sharpen their management skills and enhance efficiency in their real-life business settings. It focuses on testing the teams' capability in business analysis and integrating financial, production, investment and marketing skills and knowledge to develop effective business decisions and maximise market share."

Launched in 1971, the sophisticated business simulation featured in the game fulfils serious training objectives. "Over the years, it has evolved into one of the most challenging computer-simulated management training exercises available in Hong Kong. Its exhilarating and competitive atmosphere develops and tests participants' abilities and skills. Each year, the contest attracts some 400 managers and executives from various sectors to participate," Chan says.

The business sector recognises the game's effectiveness as a training tool. Every year, more than 60 firms and organisations use it to supplement executive management training schemes.

In step with the real-life fast-changing business environment, the association updates and adds various features to the game. Once registered, participants can access an online tailor-made programme to try out different scenarios and record their decisions along the way throughout the game's multiple rounds. Excitement mounts as weaker teams are eliminated. The registration fee per team is HK$980.

Because the game simulates the real business world, it enables participants to analyse and find solutions to the issues emerged without fear of failure. It also allows executives to practise specific skills in risk-taking, decision-making and negotiating.

The game shows how all the constituent parts of a company need to act in unison if the optimum results are to be achieved. The success of many corporations hinges on team work, which is one major emphasis of the game. As it is played by teams and not by individuals, it stresses the value of teamwork. Team members are encouraged to exchange ideas and experiences in problem-solving, Chan adds.

"If resources are to be used most efficiently, teams need to form strategic plans and avoid isolated decisions. This involves an ability to foresee the consequences of intended decisions," he adds.

Chan says while most teams are formed by colleagues working in the same companies, some consist of friends from different organisations. Some participants have repeatedly taken part. "Our 2011 champion team was a repeat participating team," he says.

The champion team will not only win four round-trip air tickets to Singapore, the SCMP Perpetual Trophy and cash prize, they will also have the opportunity to compete with the best and brightest from other countries and regions in Asia-Pacific in the Asian Management Game.


Trial Round
Registration deadline:
May 14, 2012
Briefing session: May 18, 2012

Official Round
Registration deadline:
June 14, 2012
Fee: HK$980
For details, visit: