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Be a leader in logistics

Question :

I have been working in logistics for nearly eight years since studying physical distribution at university. It’s a tough industry and I kind of regret ever entering it. It’s labour-intensive and customs clearance in China is a major headache every single time any festival approaches, which also results in late custom clearance. It means it could lead to heavy duty from both the terminals and the freight companies, not to mention customers’ complaints due to delays. I feel as if my job is just solving endless problems that are completely out of my control. Adding to my worries is that my company can easily hire a fresh graduate to replace me and cut half the cost. How can I make myself employable again? Instead of working for a company which has factories in China like mine. I really hate production. What are the alternatives for people like me?

Posted by SupplyChing on Saturday, 15 Nov 2014

Comments :

It sounds like you are frustrated about the nature of your job, yet worried you could lose this job you hate. While I cannot guarantee you will find your dream career, I’d like to offer some suggestions.

The logistics industry is tough. However, it has evolved into a supply chain industry with a strategic importance to other businesses such as e-commerce, trading and manufacturing. With technological innovation, it has become a key function for many businesses.

Having spent years in the logistics field, you’ll know that the flow of goods requires multiple handoffs, including carriers, customs and port authorities, and consolidators. And these hand-offs increase the probability of unexpected events. This is why the logistics function is critical to helping a company become more competitive and efficient. 

With this appreciation, you need to reposition yourself as a supply chain professional or a process expert who knows how to help organisations improve performance.

You may want to spend a quiet moment and write down the answers of the following questions:

What would give you job satisfaction? Is it solving problems, leading a team, or dealing with people? 

How active are you in searching a career you truly enjoy? Have you put your profile in social media platforms or other online job portals? When was the last time you were interviewed for a job?

What are your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals? Do you have a plan to achieving them? What obstacles are you facing and how would you overcome them?

Are you learning something new every day? What are the latest trends in supply chain innovation? 

The key to happiness is to think positive. It isn’t about expecting the best to happen every time, but accepting that whatever happens is the best for this moment.

Even if you do not like what you are doing now, think about the customers whom you serve – they would appreciate your effort in solving their problems, even though many challenges are beyond your control.

I hope you will find the joy in what you do, as it means that you will be working on a higher perspective than just doing a job.

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