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Benefits of Working at Hong Kong's NGOs

Published on Wednesday, 23 Sep 2015

If the idea of getting paid to make the world a better place appeals to you, consider making the switch to a-job in a non-profit organisation. An NGO is a non-governmental organisation that is driven by individuals with one common interest. Hong Kong is a very charitable and generous society, making it a popular location for NGOs focused on specific issues like health, human rights, or environmental causes. Aside from the altruistic benefits, we explore some of the many other reasons why one might consider working for an NGO in Hong Kong. 

NGOs tend to employ interesting people. It is a common misconception that NGOs have to settle for desperate employees willing to work long hours for low pay. Quite the opposite! NGOs often get to choose between the best and the brightest candidates and can afford to be picky about who they choose to employ. In fact, NGOs are able to recruit both experts and highly motivated staff with fewer restrictions than the government. There is something to be said for working with passionate and intelligent people who have chosen to work towards a greater good for the world around them. 

NGOs offer amazing growth opportunities. In the corporate world, one project may be divided among multiple employees, but one NGO employee may find him or herself assigned to three projects simultaneously. Allowing employees to take on multiple projects and creating more varied job responsibilities can lead to faster career development for employees looking to get ahead quickly and these skills are easily transferrable to other careers and businesses when  the time comes for a career change in the future. 

NGOs offer a pay scale that is comparable to that of private corporations. It is a misconception that NGOs do not pay as well. In fact, just a quick look through NGO career listings in Hong Kong reveal a salary that is very comparable to that of the private sector. Many employees of NGOs in Hong Kong report that they feel like they are paid twice over, in terms of both money and personal satisfaction.

NGOs can help your finance career. Hong Kong is a world center when it comes to the financial sector and NGOs can act as a bridge between the private sector and the government. Hong Kong's finance industry is never short of opportunity. After serving local groups and communities and gaining experience, a huge number of NGO employees are able to land jobs with banks, financial institutions, and accounting firms.  

NGOs are a great way to expand international horizons. Many NGOs offer the chance to work abroad and increase your skill-set. Salary rates in International locations can be higher than the local average and some organisations will even cover living costs, sometimes making the international relocation a lucrative one. Of course, with the additional skills and experiences gained overseas, you’ll also be well-placed to move forward with whichever career move you choose afterwards.

NGOs offer a generous health care plan. Many government jobs provide employees with some of the best health care plans available. Employees of these NGOs enjoy lucrative coverage with little to no co-pay. Many companies also offer generous maternity leave as an added health care benefit. Greenpeace has been known to provide up to twenty weeks of maternity leave for qualifying employees.

The altruistic benefits of working for an NGO in any capacity are clearly evident and oftentimes the driving force behind people’s decision to work for non-governmental organisations. What may not always be clear are the additional advantages that the experience can offer in terms of future opportunities. Do good work and that passion will pave the way for further success. 

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