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Build your own brand

Self-help and makeover television programmes are ubiquitous now and everybody seems to be talking about defining one's "personal brand", or managing a project called "Me Incorporated". But behind the marketing jargon, there is a very important point.

In the workplace, your reputation will always play a big part in determining what opportunities come your way. Therefore, you should focus on how others perceive you. The first step is to understand your own strengths and objectives. The second is to understand what's expected in different roles and situations.

Remember that many small things can add up to make or mar a reputation. Regular lateness, indiscreet disclosures on Facebook and temper tantrums can quickly erase goodwill when it comes to winning over clients or working well with colleagues.

In most cases, self-promotion - building your personal brand - requires a degree of subtlety. Don't do anything underhanded, but remember that actions often speak louder than words.

For instance, you should always:

  • Realise and embrace the importance of trust
  • Discuss clear objectives at the right time and place
  • Know what's needed to achieve your targets
  • Be patient - it takes time to build any brand

Article contributed by Lancy Chui, managing director, Manpower Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam Operations