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Bullion offers golden chance

When Reece Mao Qi was a finance major student, he never thought of working in the bullion trade, but the financial crisis of 2008 changed his mind. Seeing how volatile other forms of investment could be, he realised the potential of bullion trading.

“It was really hard for people to get a job in the finance industry during the financial crisis. Most investments were doing really badly. However, gold-related investment tools were the few that did do well after the crisis, so I joined CNI Bullion as a business development executive. I believe this was a wise choice,” he says.

Mao found his job via the internet and got an offer after two rounds of interviews. The first was an individual interview where he was tested on his understanding of the financial industry and his knowledge of gold-related investment products. The second was a group interview which focused on his interpersonal and communication skills.

On joining the company, Mao underwent three months of training before being allowed to serve clients. “The company had been very supportive of newcomers like me. I had a supervisor, as well as a mentor, to train me on every aspect that I might face in my future career,” he says.

Mao’s job is to develop new clients and be in constant contact with customers. “I contact different people through face-to-face talks, via the internet and other communication methods, and try to promote the company’s business to them,” he says.

The ever-changing financial market makes Mao’s work interesting. “The financial market is hard to predict. You will never know what direction the market goes the next day. This is what I love about my work. Although, dramatic changes in the market drive people mad sometimes, they also give hope to others. The opportunities in investment are equal for everyone. High risk rewards you with high returns. It is your choice,” Mao says.

Mao thinks the key to success in serving clients is to show them your enthusiasm. “When people can feel your passion about what you do, they are more likely to trust you and your words. The positive energy you deliver to clients through your passion is the best promotion you can give,” he says.

It is also important to stay patient when serving clients because you may get more business, Mao says. “Different clients always have different questions. My patience makes my customers more satisfied and they reward me with more business referrals.”