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Can studies help with career change?

Question :

Hello career Doctor,

I have done MBA-Marketing and I got 1st job in equity sector as a sales(acquisition manager) and still now I am in sales,i bored because I done my MBA in Marketing but job only in sales, No need of MBA in 1st line sales. 
Now I want to change my profile so plz help me which will good for my career if I go out side of India? and I am thinking to do 1year diploma in financial and want to make career in accounting,so plz help me ,it is possible to do accounting if my graduate is art(psychology).

Posted by vijay on Thursday, 23 Jan 2014

Comments :

Sidney Yuen - Career Doctor

Posted Saturday 15th February 2014 01:08:00 AM


Dear Vijay Thanks for writing to us. I want to tell you that having a MBA is not a silver bullet. Most employers do not put too much emphasis on whether you have an MBA or not, it is just a good reference to note that you have gone through the fundamentals of business administration. You mentioned that you are bored and it is obvious that you don’t enjoy being in sales. What I am going to say to you will shock you. We live our life by selling. Everyone is a salesperson. A successful person is able to help others to get what they want so that she will get what she wants. A good marketer is a good salesperson, he needs to sell his marketing concepts and ideas to the organisation. It doesn’t matter how brilliant his idea is, if management doesn’t buy it, he will get nowhere. Another way to look at this is to see yourself as a product or a service, and think about how your customers will use your product or service. What keeps them coming to buy? As a graduate in psychology, I assume that you have a sound understanding of human behaviours and if you could apply your knowledge to application, you would be able to demonstrate to your employer how you would be able to add value by improving revenue, reducing cost, expanding market segment through your understanding of people. You mentioned to us that you are in India and you would like to go overseas in search of a better career. Some fundamental questions you need to ask yourself are • Why do you want to go overseas? • Can India provide you with the same opportunities? If not, why not? • What does a better career mean to you? • How well do you know the overseas market in which you wish to land a job? • What are your unique strengths that are in demand? By answering these questions, you will be able to judge for yourself whether a marketing, sales, accounting or any other disciplines would suit you. At the end of day, I cannot emphasis enough the importance of interpersonal skills and the ability to contribute to the organisation’s goals. Best of luck in your search for a better career.

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