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Career Forum: Students must assess ability and opportunity, says International SOS GM Cindy Cheng

The first step to knowing which career is right for you is to gain an understanding of your individual preferences and strengths, says Cindy Cheng, general manager for Hong Kong and Macau at health and security services provider International SOS.

Speaking in a session entitled “Discovering Career Possibilities” on Saturday afternoon at the Career Forum, Cheng will draw on her knowledge of the assistance and concierge services industries to discuss ways for young people to explore their options for satisfying careers in different sectors and occupations.

“I think young people feel uncertain about [choosing] jobs – firstly, because they are not sure about their own capabilities, and secondly, because they are not aware of the opportunities available within organisations,” she explains.

Rather than job-hopping once they have graduated, Cheng thinks students should also use some of their time outside the lecture room to explore which kind of work might best suit them.

“At university, young people should try different types of jobs when they are offered internships, summer jobs and the like,” she suggests.

Beyond university career centres, the internet and other media, Cheng points out other ways for students to discover what possibilities are out there.

“By attending career events such as forums and seminars, young people can get more information and they can also take the opportunity to talk to people from different industries and companies,” she says. “And last, but not least, they should try to talk to alumni – who, when they made their career choices, may have faced similar issues or done similar research.”