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Difficult staff member

Question :

I've just started to manage a small team and in particular there is one staff member who is quite difficult to manage. Maybe coz she is gen Y, her requests are neverending. I try to put myself in her position and think how I can best accommodate her and make her happy however sometimes, it's beyond my scope of control and her requests can be quite trivial. I also don't want my boss to think I can't take on managerial duties but I can't seem to handle her. Any advice?

Posted by Middle Mgt on Wednesday, 26 Mar 2014

Comments :

It seems that you are taking up a new role in managing a team. Managing and leading a team can be a rewarding and challenging task. While there is so much to learn and share on this topic, I am responding to your specific issue about managing Gen Ys. Gen Ys grew up on the internet. They see everything as projects, feel at ease with technologies, have fun and disrespect the status quo. These values are driving their daily behaviors at work. The easiest way to manage your Gen Y is to behave like one. I believe the traditional management theories are out dated in this highly networked society. The best leaders are those who collaborate, adapt and engage customers and team members. I would like to share with you an “ABC” model. By implementing it, you stand a better chance to improve your skills in managing Gen Ys. Attitude – Your attitude defines you. Treat your Gen Ys as friends and help them to succeed in what they do. They are hungry for feedback and recognition for their effort. However, you need to set some guidelines such as having a fixed time to meet to exchange ideas and requests. Set a framework on what is and what is not acceptable. Belief – Your Gen Y believes in flexibility and she will prefer to have her employer to listen to her ideas. What if she wants to work at home? Would you be open to this idea? This is about you and your value system; once your belief is aligned with hers, you would be able to get the best out of her. Change – You are learning something new every day. These new learning should be able to bring positive changes to the workplace. Share these learning with your team. Ask your Gen Y’s thoughts and you stay one step ahead. It is likely that your Gen Y is a keen learner and that is why she is asking a lot of questions. Be prepared to grow with her by continuing learning new practices together. By applying this ABC model consistently, you will be a better leader who get things done by influencing others effortlessly. And soon, you will see your Gen Y treats you as a mentor rather than a manager. Your career will be an easier and a more satisfying one. Good luck!

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