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Expat jobs in Beijing

Question :


I am searching for a program manager, policy officer or PR manager job for 2 years in Beijing as my wife will work there as an expat. I worked as a policy officer at the government of my home country for 4 years before.
99% of job openings ask for Mandarin natives or people fluent in Mandarin. I started learning Mandarin but am obviously far away from fluent. In which sector should I search, are there special websites? Would it be easier to come to Beijing and search from there? Is there any chance at all except English teaching jobs ?

Thanks for your advice!


Posted by Chris on Sunday, 03 Nov 2013

Comments :

Howard Chan - Career Doctor

Posted Tuesday 26th November 2013 01:11:00 AM


Hi Chris, Mandarin is the primary language skill for most job opportunities in Mainland China, particularly in Beijing. However, there are some organizations where native English speakers champion Mandarin language proficiency. These roles include public relations (PR) and advertising agencies, commerce associations (Chamber of Commerce such as the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China) and non-government organisations (NGO) such as UNICEF. With regards to looking for jobs on online job boards, I would recommend that you utilise a number of other different channels to broaden the opportunities, such as agency websites, the classified section of newspapers, social media and networking events. On the topic of social media, please make sure you have updated your online profile with key words included so that you can be found if someone is doing a regional search on social media platforms for talent. You may also review the career websites of the large organisations you would like to work for and proactively see what opportunities they have open. Another effective way to engage potential employers is to make a call to their recruitment teams, and email your CV over to their careers, recruitment or human resources (HR) team. Ensure that your resume is reflective of the experience that will be relevant for someone in your sector to read. Keep it succinct, highlight achievements and demonstrate the progression opportunities you have had within each of your previous roles. In your case, it is particularly important to highlight your technical skills to overshadow your language skills. Finally, though it would be useful for you to be physically located in Beijing to search for local jobs, it is not mandatory as technology such as video conferencing, Skype and telephone interviews could support overseas interviews. All the best with your job search. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any further queries. Regards, Howard

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