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Extra-curricular pointers

Published on Thursday, 25 Nov 2010

Discover the right path

Work experience is key to any young person's education and career path. It can also enhance your résumé when applying for graduate jobs.

Internship is just a dress rehearsal

Employers often recruit top interns for their graduate training programmes. Go for it.

Stand up and stand out

When applying for jobs, show your skills in tech, communication, analysis and leadership.

Honesty is the best policy

Discovering yourself is key to setting a career goal. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses.

If it fits, it will most likely work

Narrow your career options based on your interests, skills, values and personality.

Research, research, research...

Check the job description, academic and professional qualifications required, the outlook for the field and info about firms you apply to.

Take on contract assignments

This will give you a chance to test yourself and assess the nature of the job and the work culture.

Ace the interview, get the job

Manage interview sessions with confidence, then review and reflect on areas for improvement.

Only connect - and call, if needed

Seek help from family, friends and alumni associations. Call on past employers' networks and support your application with strong testimonials.

Talk to industry mentors

They can share their own career pathways and other essentials to clinch the job you are chasing.

Customise your job applications

Remember, it's the quality - not the quantity - of applications that counts. To get noticed, you must understand your career objectives.

Avoid one-size-fits-all résumé

Tailor your résumé to specific positions. A customised résumé and covering letter can help you stand out and get employers to notice.

Know thyself, know your future

Note your short- and long-term career goals and make sure these match your target job.

Are you and your job compatible?

Research your target company and learn about its values and priorities. Make sure you fit in terms of personality, soft skills and organisational profile. 

Compiled from Andrew Morris, managing director, Robert Half Hong Kong, and Christine Sim, general manager, Links Recruitment

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