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Finance related courses after BBA

Question :

Hi, I am a student of 2nd year (BBA)and I want to make my career in Finance. 
That's why I want to go for CFA(US) which is the Gold Standard and very prestigious among all Finance related qualifications in the world. But right now I am a fresher. After my graduation or in the final year, I want to do some other finance related course(s). If the reputation and salary after completing that/those course(s) does not become as good as that of CFA(US), I have no problem at all, but it should give me a good start to my career in the BFSI sector and later, i can take the challenge of CFA with a job in my hand. There are so many options like CFP, CIMA(UK), CMA(US),CCRA (AIWMI), CIWM (AIWMI), CWM, ACCA, Financial Modelling, Claritas Investment Certificate, CIPM, CIIA, CAIA and many more. I don't want to do Indian CA,US CPA and MBA. That's why I am not taking this courses into account. Which one would be valuable for completing successfully (not as tremendously tough as CFA where the pass rate is quite low) and  getting at least a dependable job as well as getting a good start in the Finance sector? I notice that many people, who are CFAs, have done CA, ACCA etc before starting CFA and as a reason they say that they are doing CFA after these courses because it is an advanced qualification. I am really in search of such courses by which I can get a dependable job before starting CFA. I am also worried about best possible combination and sequence of courses which would fulfill all these above purposes. Please guide me regarding this. Thank you.

Posted by Deep15071994 on Friday, 28 Feb 2014

Comments :

Undertaking additional studies post your University Degree is highly recommended given that you are looking for a career in finance. Combined with additional studies, I would also recommend that you do an internship with a Big 4 accounting firm or bank/financial institution during your summer holidays. An internship will provide you with some experience on your CV and assist you in obtaining a role in a top firm when you graduate from University. Additionally, if you perform well during your internship, there may be opportunities to join the company upon completion of your Degree. In relation to your additional studies, there are a number of courses that you have mentioned that will help you further develop your career in the finance sector. As you indicated, the CFA program is very challenging and there is a high fail rate. This is also a fantastic qualification to have if you want to work for a top Investment Bank. Therefore, it is important that you undertake a course that is going to prepare you and provide you with the best opportunity to pass the CFA course. The CA and CPA(USA) programs are very challenging, because you are required to work and study a high volume of content at the same time. The CA program, which I have completed, has a high level of content per module and there are a number of requirements that you must satisfy in order to pass each module. Furthermore, the examination is long, challenging and will really test you on how well you know your content. Therefore, I believe a CA or CPA(USA) course will prepare you very well for your future studies under the CFA program. Before deciding on which program, I would recommend that you review each of the programs in detail, to determine which one is best for you based on the direction you want to take your career. Additionally, I would also talk to people who have completed their CFA and see what courses they completed. Finally, if you have strong time management, plan what you need to do both from a work and program point of view and study hard, you will be able to pass your CFA. Good luck.

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