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Flight, cabin crew wanted

Amid the financial crisis and the freight industry blues, the passenger side of the airline industry has been holding up well. Airlines continue to hire flight and cabin crew, thanks to the more than 50 aircraft to be delivered to Hong Kong over the next few years.

Positions available include passenger services officers, flight dispatch and load control officers and ramp service agents. Passenger services officers, such as flight attendants, face the customer. Hence, a post-secondary education is usually required, plus a good command of English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Other language skills and customer service experience are a plus.

For technical positions, post-secondary education is preferred, and some positions may require work experience. A good command of English is expected, while comprehensive training is provided.

A good team player or one who has a safety mindset interviews well.

Staff usually work in shifts and have irregular working hours, but can enjoy discounted air travel and other industry discounts.

Given the tight labour supply and the expected rise in traffic, airlines and ground services agents are under pressure to improve their employment packages to attract and retain staff. The recent pay rise at a well-known airline in Hong Kong is an example. 

Vivian Leung, business manager, Aviation Institute