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Foreigner + fresh grad --> where to start?

Question :

hi, i am from malaysia and i am 27 now. i have a bachelors degree in Professional Accounting from an Australian Uni. I worked in Malaysia for a couple of months. so i tag myself as a fresh grad. currently staying in HK, authorized to work legally.

i am actively seeking for an entry level job in accounting sector. i don't seem to get ANY respond from ANY companies. I think not knowing Cantonese is the problem. Besides, I want to know which types of positions should I apply for. Thanks ahead.

Posted by alisha on Thursday, 06 Jun 2013

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Posted Thursday 22nd May 2014 10:19:15 AM


Greetings, how was you job searching in HK? i am on the same boat looking for work in HK, but i graduated with a different degree. Are HK company looking to employ people with residency rather than people oversea? I to have a language barrier speaking Cantonese, as you see, i speak English as well. Care to share you experience?


Posted Monday 1st July 2013 03:21:00 PM


Yeah, I sort of have the same issue. Mr. Richard, you said that calling a contact at target organization firms is a good strategy. Can you say a little bit more about this strategy? How can I call? Who should I call for? And when I call, what should I say? Just introduce myself? Or something else? By the way, I am currently holding a B.S degree in Business in U.S. I can't speak Cantonese either. But I am proficient in both Mandarin and English. Thanks.

Richard Letcher - Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 19th June 2013 05:46:00 PM


I’m sorry to hear of your job hunting frustrations – looking for a job can be a real uphill struggle at times. The lack of Cantonese will be a factor with some organisations, but you have lots going for you. Your Australian degree is a strong selling point for one; and you have a work visa as well as some work experience under your belt. Role wise there are three main routes to go down as an accounting graduate. The audit route is a well-trodden one, and a superb first step into finance and accounting, offering excellent training and exposure. There are obviously the ‘Big 4’ to write to, but there are also small to mid-sized firms that you should definitely approach. A second route is to join a large organisation as a financial accountant, and work within an in-house finance team. The third route is to join an accounting services firm like Tricor. With all three types of roles you can apply through adverts you find on job boards like,, or you can apply directly. A little time spent searching for appropriate audit firms, large organisations and external accounting service firms that might take graduates will yield a lot of names and contact details. Don't just rely on adverts – direct applications are a must at the graduate level. Calling a contact at target organisation firms is also a good strategy, even if you have to leave a voice message. Hearing a voice makes you more human, as opposed to being just another CV. Some organisations will certainly require Cantonese but you might want to also target companies where it is less of a necessity. From our experience multinational companies in the financial sector and some within professional services would fit into this category. With your CV, do ask friends and acquaintances to have a look at it, particularly those that work in human resources or recruitment. Your degree, and the fact that you have a work visa, are things to make prominent; also stress that you are looking for an entry-level position. There's a lot of work involved, and there will no doubt be more firms that will give you the silent treatment, but do keep going – sometimes it can be a bit of a numbers game. Good luck! I'm sure something will come up soon.

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