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Get and give credit for job well done

Published on Thursday, 18 Aug 2011
Illustration: Bay Leung

Getting credit, or recognition for your work, is the lifeblood of your career. It leads to rewards - such as promotion and salary increase - as well as job satisfaction. When it comes to getting credit, or lack thereof, everyone is in a similar situation. This is where people can fall foul of their colleagues, but the trick is to focus on the two sides of the same equation:

  • Ensure that you get credit where it is due. Be your own brand ambassador and don't be afraid to share personal success stories with your colleagues. Don't hide behind them - make yourself visible by presenting your work proudly and speaking up in meetings. Document your successes and achievements so that you have evidence of your hard work. This will be useful during year-end reviews or when you're being considered for a promotion.
  • Give your colleagues credit where it is due. Be equally vigilant about making sure your teammates receive the recognition they deserve. If you feel that credit is often assigned unfairly, either in relation to you or your teammates, be proactive in devising a solution. Make an appointment with your boss to discuss your concerns.
  • Being scrupulous about acknowledgement and recognition is essential if you want to be well regarded at work. Make a point of sharing the spotlight by, for example, rotating the speaker for presentations, and ensuring that people receive equal recognition for team-based projects. Your own success can be largely influenced by the success and failures of those you work with.

Matthew Hill, managing director, Ambition Hong Kong

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