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Get the message across

Published on Thursday, 16 Dec 2010
Illustration: Bay Leung

As the saying goes, "the pen is mightier than the sword". Writing, a form of communication that involves transforming thoughts, ideas and facts into words can be an effective way to influence others and create an impact.

But how does one structure an essay and stitch together words to put one's message across and get a positive response from the reader? Here are some writing tips for executive success.

First, understand the purpose of your writing. Why are you penning the piece, and who are you writing for? What is your audience looking for?

Develop a preliminary structure to map out the key points for effective elaboration, and create an executive summary to ensure that you have covered all the important areas of your ideas from the opening to your conclusions.

Carry out thorough research to ensure that your argument is well-substantiated, and write clearly in a professional tone. Run a spell check, and avoid repetition of ideas and words. Review the first draft with your manager or peers, depending on the contents.

To improve understanding, it is important to build your vocabulary through reading, and to exercise good essay-writing skills, such as by including an introduction and a conclusion, and structuring the piece in an orderly fashion. Take every opportunity to practise and write well.

Christine Sim, general manager, Links Recruitment  

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