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Getting into corporate finance

Question :

Hi Sir,

After completing my engineering, I joined a KPO where my job role was to assist the Market Analytics team of one of the Big-4. Currently I am pursuing MBA (Finance). I have researched about 'Corporate Finance Analyst' job

My questions are:
1. Is getting a CFA (or any other) certification required/helpful in getting a Corporate Finance job?
2. What could be a good starting point for me to start a career in Corporate Finance?
3. Can 'Investment Banking' be considered as a next step of 'Corporate Finance'?

Posted by Rahul on Monday, 15 Apr 2013

Comments :

Andrew Oliver - Career Doctor

Posted Tuesday 14th May 2013 09:48:00 PM


Dear Rahul, Your questions indicate you are looking at making a career switch into Corporate Finance. This is one of the most desirable career paths for many graduates and young people seeking to work within financial services, however I believe there are a number of steps that would make that move more likely. These steps are not a “quick fix” and require time and dedication in order to be successful. Qualifications are key. Ideally you will have studied a technical subject in a directly related area at college (such as Accounting & Finance or Economics), however if this is not the case then you need to look into ways of augmenting your existing qualifications by taking exams. The CFA is the most widely recognized of these and whilst it is time consuming and certainly a lot of work, it is specifically designed for a job within the investment banking or investment management process. Alternatively you could consider a part time or full time Master in Finance or MBA, these will also help to give you the technical skills for a move into Corporate Finance. In additional to the technical strength this will give you, the fact you have taken the time to achieve the qualifications will demonstrate to an employer that you are committed to making the move; actions speak louder than words. In terms of work experience, a technical role for an accounting firm or in a role in a corporate which requires strong financial analysis are the best foundations. The most important thing is that the role contains a high level of rigorous financial analysis, and this essentially means looking at company accounts, forecasts, valuations and so on. This could be within a bank, an advisor, an accounting firm or within a corporate (most likely within the finance, or strategy and planning depart). Core technical skills are the back bone of the job, therefore several years carrying out the technical analysis is essential. I hope that the advice assists you in making this move. Please do remember that it is a very competitive space, and therefore you will be up against lots of smart people whom have qualifications and work experience. However by taking certain steps to gain useful experience in a related analytical role and also by investing in yourself through additional qualification, you can improve your chances of making that career move into Corporate Finance.

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