Career Advice OSC MBA Charity Challenge

Getting to know the MBA teams - - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Massive Bunch of Elves

Q1. Can you tell me more about your team?

We are Team Massive Bunch of Elves, a dynamic group of six HKUST MBA students and professionals. We have various industry backgrounds and expertise such as luxury consumer goods, aviation, real estate management, marketing, product design, operations management and engineering. Together, we provide a multitude of ideas and solutions to contribute to this OSC Challenge.
Q2. What will you do for Operation Santa Claus in the coming weeks?

There are two key areas of focus – 1) a campaign called MakeDecemberMatter and 2) a Charity Masquerade Gala. 

The MakeDecemberMatter campaign will be an ongoing campaign to help raise funds for all beneficiaries to make their dreams come true and inspiring others to support contribute in the process. Support and contribution comes in different forms - through volunteering to deliver small delights to beneficiaries, spreading the message through social media, donations, etc.

The Charity Masquerade Gala will be an amazing and fun night containing performances, fun games and desirable auction items to raise funds. This event is not to be missed!

Q3. How will you use your MBA knowledge in the Challenge?

We will apply our critical thinking and innovative skills to create an impactful campaign to raise awareness to the aid for the benefactors. We will also leverage our networks to communicate the benefits for further fundraising.
Q4. What is your fundraising target?

We would like to raise at least HK$200,000 and $100,000 from each respective event.