Career Advice OSC MBA Charity Challenge

Getting to know the MBA teams- The University of Manchester Worldwide

Can you tell me more about your team?
We (Tina, Eric, Olivia, Michelle and Dennis) are representatives from the Global MBA programme at The University of Manchester Worldwide.
All of us are currently based here in Hong Kong, hailing from United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong.
Our Ginger HEART for OSC 2016 was highly committed and put in a lot of effort and ultimately won the challenge last year. 
We have the same spirit and hope to contribute by fundraising for OSC and building the network with likeminded people and most of all, enjoy the process. 
What will you do for Operation Santa Claus in the coming weeks?
Ginger HEART will arrange 6 - 8 networking events at Lan Kwai Fong, every Thursday throughout November and December 2017. We will select a theme for sharing each week (Relationship, FinTech, Human Design, Startups, etc.) Two speakers who are passionate / experienced on the subject will speak for 10 mins each and share further.
Anyone who makes a donation online via FringeBacker to OSC will receive a FREE welcome drink and discount on food & beverage provided by selected venue sponsors at LKF.
How will you use your MBA knowledge in the Challenge? 
We will be leveraging what we have learnt in various subjects, including marketing & operation, financial budgeting, project management, teamwork, leadership, etc. 
Moreover, we will connect with our alumnae network and spread the spirit of giving in our community. 
Through this Challenge, we will bond with the Alumni network and increase the sense of belonging to our school. We will also share the Give Back Spirit to likeminded business professionals.
What is your fundraising target?
We target to raise around HK$220,000. We will definitely try our very best!