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'Glamorous' position for top professionals

Fast-moving consumer goods company Procter and Gamble (P&G) is looking for sales and marketing professionals who are able to build brands. The company, which has a presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland, manages brands from Rejoice and SK-II, to Olay and Pampers. "P&G marketing is a global community of the world's best brand builders and business leaders," says Ben Huang, recruiting and training senior manager at Procter and Gamble Greater China.

He says the company is dedicated to growing "brand and category-share leadership", and to empower succeeding generations to do the same.

"While being glamorous, the job is highly strategic," he says. At the entry level of marketing development, the associate brand manager will need to develop skills in brand strategy and marketing plan development, advertising, public relations, consumer bonding, direct marketing and project management.

Huang states that, with such an array of products, Procter and Gamble has initiated its Customer Business Development (CBD) department to enable sales people to engage retailers in a mutually beneficial way. These individuals work with clients to strengthen the business.

"At P&G, when our shoppers are choosing which brand to purchase, we call this `the first moment of truth'," Huang says. "CBD plays a leading role in this effort. The CBD concept, which we invented, came from recognising that jointly creating value with our retail customers and distributors is fundamental to the growth of our mutual businesses. As a member of CBD, they will be responsible for developing partnership and leveraging training, analytical data, communication skills and personal leadership to deliver our joint goals."

With comprehensive training programmes, that enable entry-level staff to develop in the company and to grow internally, Procter and Gamble has a "build from within" strategy which encourages corporate development.

"At P&G, we have four robust training systems to motivate employees," Huang says. "Senior leaders will not be hired externally. The majority of employees who join the company start at entry level, but we will offer them long-term career development, the best in-class training and an effective work-life environment to attract and retain the talent we want by nurturing it."