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Hailing opportunity to speak to employers

Published on Saturday, 01 Nov 2014
Ip Sin-ki

Ip Sin-ki, a double major student in public administration and art at the University of Hong Kong, is looking for a career that is related to human resources and marketing.

Before attending the Classified Post Career Forum, Ip had done extensive research on the graduate programme offered by Hong Kong Disneyland and she was looking to find out more about career prospects at the theme park by talking to Disney staff.

"I found the forum really informative because it provided useful information that is not available on the internet," she said.

Ip planned to apply for a job as a sales assistant and after talking to Disney staff, she was able to gain important insights into the job.

"Talking to them was a pleasant surprise for me," she said. "Initially, I thought it was a frontline sales position, but actually, it is more like a ticketing officer who helps visitors to sort out their bookings.

"There is also the chance to rotate to other departments. It was a valuable learning opportunity for a fresh graduate like me."

Another important piece of knowledge that Ip picked up from talking to Disney staff was that the theme park was planning to roll out a management trainee programme in November.

"That is great news - I will certainly look out for that," she said.

Apart from the chance to speak directly to employers, Ip said the talks and consultation services at the forum also provided helpful interview tips. "I have learned the importance of researching a company's culture before going to an interview," she said.

When asked about her expectations for her first job, Ip said she hopes to land a position at a well-established organisation that is able to offer a structured career path.

She also hopes the job will allow her to work in more than one department so that she can widen her horizons.

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