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High hopes of securing a role

Cristin Li, who is studying a Master of Science in Business and Management at Baptist University, was hoping to land a management trainee job at the Career Forum.

"I have filled out an application to Hang Seng bank and plan to look at the booths of a few other banks and apply for more jobs," she said.

"I am really impressed with the number and calibre of companies at the forum. I thought it would be mainly small- to medium-sized enterprises, but it is a pleasant surprise to see the booths of so many multinational firms," she added.

Li said she did not have high salary expectations and would not mind the long working hours in banks. "I do not have a clear picture of what I want to focus on yet, so I opted to apply for a job as a management trainee so that I can get to look at various company functions. After that, I think I can make up my mind."

As a business English undergraduate from Guangzhou, Li decided to come to Hong Kong to further her studies and start her career because she wanted to gain more exposure in an international city.

"I majored in English for my bachelor's degree and am fluent in both Cantonese and Putonghua," she said. "I also had internship experience with HSBC and the Canton Fair. I hope my language skills and work experience can help me land a job."