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How to enter the financial industry?


Hi, my name is Michael and I am 26 years old.

I graduated lower second in mechanical engineering with King's College London, I have been searching for an analyst position in the financial industry, specifically financial data/equity/investment, I have been looking for an entry level job for almost a year now, with no success. I have previously worked in bars as bar tender and manager for four year during and after my degree and have worked for one and half years as a financial advisor, in the hopes of 'getting my foot in', I have even taken a job as a mailroom clerk at a private bank. I have read the previous post which contained great suggestions and have since applied for the CFA level 1, I was just wondering whether there are an other suggestions which could to help my specific case. I have excellent knowledge of MS office and have programing experience and I have kept up to date with the financial industry through news and media (mainly fundamental and some technically knowledge as well), I have also self studied basic accounting.

Thank you for your time