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Dear Doctors,

My name is Kevin, went to high school in Hong Kong and moved to US for college. I have one more semester till a graduate. However, I decided to take a gap year and teach and travel in Korea.
So, I will go back to the US Sep 2014 and graduate on Dec 2014.

The main reason why I took a gap year is because I have no idea what I want to do. I did a few internship in a bank, a consulting company but I hated all the office job.

Now, I am planning on apply to the Police Inspector job but I do not know how I should proceed.

Now my questions,
1. how should I find out what I want to do in life? I do not want to go to work just for the money.
2. I cannot apply for the PI position while I am in the US for my last semester. So, I would either have to come back post-grad or go through the recruitment process around May 2014. However, I believe if I come back post-grad, I will waste 4 months of my time waiting for the Police Force reply and I will have to deny all the jobs offer in the US. What should I do?