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Job hunting and extended stay in hong kong

Question :


My name is Bharat and presently based in Dubai. Working with the hospitality sector for over a decade now. Presently working as an assistant manager restaurants in Dubai. I am planning to relocate to Hong Kong and I am pursuing my specialisation from one of the institute based in Hong kong for which I travel to Hong Kong. What are the probabilities of getting a job and what do you suggest as "JOB HUNTING TIPS".

Second thing, as an Indian National, I can get a visa on arrival but only for
14 days, so what if I don't get an offer within 14 days. Is there any way, place where I can do exit and then again come back to Hong Kong for another period of 14 days.


Posted by BHARAT on Monday, 05 Aug 2013

Comments :

Mark Enticott - Career Doctor

Posted Friday 30th August 2013 02:03:00 AM


Moving countries is an exciting time. The ability to get a job will depend on your skill set, the particular area you would like to work in and current market conditions. There are a number of job search tips I would recommend. The first is regularly monitor the major job boards for potential opportunities and make sure your resume is up to date and it demonstrates your skill set clearly and concisely. It is also important that you keep track of the roles that you have applied for and be prepared for a company to call you at any time. The way that you conduct yourself on the first call will be very important as you will be assessed based on it. Do your research on potential recruitment companies that specialise in the area that is of interest to you. It is important that you have a clear understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses, your career goals and job search preferences. Make sure you stay proactive when working with a recruitment firm. Networking with people directly is another key job search tip. This can include joining relevant networking events for your area of interest, LinkedIn and talking to friends who might know people in the Hong Kong market. It is also good to think about the companies that you would like to work with the most and apply to them directly. When applying directly to a company make sure you have tailored your resume and cover letter accordingly, keep a list of who / when you applied and follow up on your application with a phone call. Once you have secured a job interview, it is very important to remember that having the right interview technique is vital. There are three key questions the interviewer will want answers to after they have met you. 1. Can you do the job? 2. How much do you want the job? 3. Will you fit into the team and culture of the business? Finally, in relation to your question regarding visa, I would suggest that you talk to the Immigration Department in Hong Kong and familiarise yourself with the immigration or labour laws. Good luck with your job search and move to Hong Kong.

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