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Linguists leading the pack

English Language

It is not hard for English majors to find a job after graduation as many professions, especially those in Hong Kong’s four pillar industries, require employees with good communication skills.

English graduates used to prefer to go into teaching, but are instead now targeting areas that require a high level of communicative competence, such as journalism, public administration, hospitality, information and communications, the arts, entertainment and recreation, and human resources.

Those who go into teaching straight after graduating report the highest pay, but those who go into other professions are more likely to rise up the career ladder faster.

Although English majors enjoy certain advantages when seeking employment, they may lack the expertise to enable them to join professions such as design or engineering. There are still enough options out there, however, where their language skills will stand them above other jobseekers.

Dr Mable Chan, lecturer, Department of English, Polytechnic University
As told to Chiu Po-sze