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Looking for a career change after 10 years in Financial Compliance


Dear all,

I am looking for a career change but not sure what to do.

I am a candidate who is looking to explore preferably the Hong Kong market not excluding other Asian countries. I was a compliance manager for 8 years in a superannuation firm in Australia. I hold a legal degree and I had solicitor experience when I was in the UK. I am originally from the UK.

I am currently having a break and teaching English in Tokyo. My ideal position would be something that I could utilize my legal knowledge incorporating with training and consultancy element in it. I would prefer not to work in a big financial corporate institute but not totally excluding the possibility. I am fed up with being a lawyer and being in the corporate financial sector. I am looking for something more casual and yet interesting.

Hope you could give some advice and insight as to what I could do.

Best regards