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Mobility fills IT skills gap

Published on Thursday, 19 Jul 2012
Illustration: Bay Leung

We believe that the mobility of talent across Asia-Pacific can ease the IT skills shortage. But while employers may be slowly embracing this solution, it is still far from universally accepted. Finding good people with the right skills remains a challenge across the region, despite current global economic conditions.

Many organisations are now considering strategies to bridge the skills gap. One of these strategies is the use of global mobility to move talent from country to country.

By taking a strategic approach to talent supply across the region as a whole, organisations are able to attract and recruit from a much wider geography. It gives employers an edge in an increasingly competitive skills market and significantly increases the talent pipeline.

Many organisations are receptive to sourcing talent from overseas to address their skill needs. But others are still resisting global mobility. While it is widely recognised that migration is vital to ensuring economic growth and overcoming skills shortages, it is also a topic that generates heated discussion.

Recruiting from overseas can be a simple process, and it is one that, properly done yields very good results. Next week, tips for employers looking to import talent.

Peter Noblet, senior regional director, Hays Information Technology – Asia-Pacific

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