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New policies boost training

English Teaching

The Hong Kong SAR government is adopting various policies to enhance students’ English proficiency. During the 2011-12 school year, the government injected cash into the Language Fund, part of which has been set aside for schools to apply for under the Refined English Enhancement Scheme (Refined EES).

Through the Refined EES, schools will implement or enhance English teaching measures and devise whole-school language policies to continue to strengthen their capacity to teach English. Each school can apply for a maximum HK$1 million in funding.

In addition, to enhance English teachers’ professionalism, the Education Bureau has set up a Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers as one in a series of measures to enhance the professionalism of English language teachers. The aim of the scholarship is to attract those proficient in English to pursue local bachelor degree programmes or teacher-training programmes. Majoring in English or a relevant subject will qualify them to become English teachers upon graduation.

Both local and non-local students may apply. Local students will receive HK$50,000 a year and non-local students HK$80,000. After graduation, they are required to fulfil a three-year teaching obligation.