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Sector offers big promise

The civil construction and engineering sector in Hong Kong has entered unprecedented levels. The start of the 10 major projects outlined by the government to kick start an ailing economy is now very much a reality, pushing the industry to surpass pre-2008 levels of investment.

Key transport projects such as the Hong Kong-Macau-Zuhai bridge and the Hong Kong-Guangzhou High Speed Rail Link are set to transform the region, but the immediate impact of these massive projects are prompting many contractors and operators to review their recruitment needs.

About 17,000 jobs need to be filled over the next 10 years. There is talk of a "lost generation" in the industry, with finance and law having lured much of the new engineering graduates. The result is a top-heavy sector in both age and experience.

The focus is on bringing through a new generation of engineers, surveyors and builders, who could have a guaranteed career progression over the next decade in a time where many sectors are fearful of the fallout from the global financial crisis.

Young people who eye a career in construction will be a vital part of the next phase of Hong Kong's story.

Alex Milner, consultant, Redpath Partners