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Should I continue my MBA?

Question :

Look I’m almost half-way through my master’s programme however I’m just not sure whether I should continue with it or should I just take the postgraduate diploma when you’ve done the core subjects. It seemed like a good idea during the GFC but now I don’t see it helping much career wise. As once you’re up to middle rank in finance it seems the more adept you are with office politics, the higher you’ll progress. Maybe I’ve just ‘hit the wall’ but you must agree it’s a huge time commitment to complete the rest of it. Maybe time that could be better spent networking and schmoozing clients. Should I just soldier on? Do you think its beneficial and really essential career wise? 

Oh & fyi I also had a ‘crisis of confidence’ when I was ¼ of the way through but then I thought it’d be better to at least complete the diploma. And there’s not much networking with fellow students. We are all too busy, basically we remotely complete our group work, whack it altogether and never socialise outside of the subject.   

Posted by Ruby on Tuesday, 05 Mar 2013

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Posted Thursday 25th April 2013 07:08:14 AM


That's a sharp way of thkniing about it.

Sidney Yuen - Career Doctor

Posted Friday 22nd March 2013 06:33:00 AM


Dear Ruby You have committed to start your MBA. That decision, I am sure, was the best one you made at the time. I can understand that you are having doubts and it seems that you are “hitting the wall” on this one. Here are my thoughts As we go through our life journey, there are always things that we started and because of various reasons, we gave up. And it is an easy way out for some of us. We would justify by coming up with ‘good reasons’. Studying for a higher degree or for knowledge is not just for career advancement, though it may help. You are right in saying that organizations hire people for their performance and the ability to contribute to corporate goals. It has little to do with either you have a MBA or a PhD. Yes, I hear you, there will be a huge time commitment. Didn’t you know when you signed up for the program? I would urge you to finish it and you can always make time if you are truly committed to what you promised yourself in the first place. For your second comment, it is up to you to reach out to other classmates, when people say they are ‘too busy’, they are saying that networking takes a lower priority for them, it takes leadership and creativity to organize events that are compelling and too good to be missed, I would challenge you to see this as an opportunity to lead rather than seeing it as an obstacle. The world is unpredictable, who knows what is going to happen tomorrow, another financial crisis? Another natural disaster? What we have to do is to equip ourselves with knowledge that we can use now and in the future. This program will give you the discipline to complete, and you will learn something from the lecturers and the fellow classmates. If you do that, you will see a shift in the way you behave and this could be a perfect time to change your life. Co incidentally, I am writing this on the plane back to Hong Kong and I just watched a movie called “won’t back down”, I encourage you to watch it, it is an upbeat story – inspired by a true event – of parenthood, friendship, hope and courage, The two parents are so determined who will stop at nothing, despite all odds, to transform a failing school. And at the end, they succeeded. I hope that you won’t back down and wish you all the happiness and success! Sidney

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