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Should I continue my MBA?


Look I’m almost half-way through my master’s programme however I’m just not sure whether I should continue with it or should I just take the postgraduate diploma when you’ve done the core subjects. It seemed like a good idea during the GFC but now I don’t see it helping much career wise. As once you’re up to middle rank in finance it seems the more adept you are with office politics, the higher you’ll progress. Maybe I’ve just ‘hit the wall’ but you must agree it’s a huge time commitment to complete the rest of it. Maybe time that could be better spent networking and schmoozing clients. Should I just soldier on? Do you think its beneficial and really essential career wise? 

Oh & fyi I also had a ‘crisis of confidence’ when I was ¼ of the way through but then I thought it’d be better to at least complete the diploma. And there’s not much networking with fellow students. We are all too busy, basically we remotely complete our group work, whack it altogether and never socialise outside of the subject.