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Singapore Institute of Technology Launches New Era of Education with D2L

SINGAPORE, Sept. 29, 2014  /PRNewswire/ -- D2L -- the EdTech company that created Brightspace, the world's first truly integrated learning platform (ILP), today announced that Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) has selected its platform to cater to a growing intake of students as it starts to offer its own degree programmes for the first time since becoming an autonomous university. 

On March 28 this year, the Parliament of Singapore gazetted SIT as an autonomous university, allowing Singapore's fifth public university the right to confer its own degrees. Having achieved the status, SIT intends to increase its student enrolment to over 10,000 by 2020.

Steve Siu, Senior Manager, Communications & Information Technology, Singapore Institute of Technology, said SIT needed a learning management system (LMS) with sophisticated and advanced analytics capabilities to enable the university to start delivering course content online for its new academic programmes.

"D2L met the functionalities and capabilities we required," Siu said. "And we were pleased that D2L had a proven technology that could be implemented within a very aggressive timeframe. We required the LMS to be up and running this year to support the new degree offerings we're introducing."

"D2L presented an articulate, robust and structured path and the team painted a compelling picture of how they can help us in the journey towards meeting sophisticated needs for applied learning," added Siu.

With this implementation, D2L will become a key technology enabler in helping SIT support the Singapore Government in its efforts to make university degrees accessible to a larger proportion of the local population. 

Peter Kokkinos, Asia Pacific Sales Director for D2L said Brightspace can help universities meet the demands of increasing student populations and deliver a more pervasive and personalised learning experience. 

"We believe this will better equip students with competencies to contribute towards Singapore's economic growth sectors," he said. 

About Singapore Institute of Technology 

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is Singapore's new autonomous university of applied learning. It aims to be a leader in innovative university education by integrating learning, industry and community. 

SIT offers applied degree programmes targeted at growth sectors of the economy. As a new university, SIT offers its own applied degree programmes with a unique pedagogy that integrates work and study. It also offers specialised degree programmes in partnership with world-class universities. To find out more about SIT, visit


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