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Temping tempting

Published on Friday, 26 Apr 2013
Marc Burrage

The majority of workers in Hong Kong find contract assignments an attractive option given the current global economic environment, according to a recent survey conducted by Hays.

Of more than 300 candidates who took part in the online survey, 96 per cent said that in recent years they have considered contract assignments as a more attractive option than previously in their working lives. Only 2 per cent said this kind of work is now less attractive to them, while 2 per cent report no change in their overall attitude towards contract work.

Contract work is not limited to entry-level office-support roles. Professionals at all levels and in various sectors can work on a temporary basis.

One of the main benefits for contract workers is that they have the chance to advance their skills and career on their terms by choosing the employers and assignments they take on. They can also vary their tasks and workloads much more easily than if they were employed in a permanent position.

Contract assignments can also lead to better work-life balance. Many people want or need greater flexibility in their working arrangements, due to, for example, family commitments or their health. Consequently, there exists a candidate pool that is only interested in contract work.

Other professionals choose to work on a contract basis because they have more earning potential due to the demand for their skills, such as those in the white-collar end of the construction industry. Employers can afford to pay elevated rates for some contract workers because they can save on other permanent staff benefits, such as annual leave and MPF contributions.

Marc Burrage, regional director, Hays in Hong Kong

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