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'Thank you' note will impress employer

Published on Thursday, 28 Apr 2011
Illustration: Bay Leung

Writing a personalised note of gratitude to an employer after an interview is thoughtful and professional. Many executives polled by Robert Half International say sending a 'thank you' note could boost your chances of landing the position. Here are some tips from Robert Half, a leading financial recruitment company, on how to maximise your job prospects.

Send a 'thank you' note on the same day as your interview

You want your letter to arrive while your face and name are still fresh in the hiring manager's mind. E-mailing 'thank you' notes within 24 hours is usually acceptable. Make sure you refer to something specific discussed in the interview or reiterate your work experience. 

Keep 'thank you' notes brief  

Many professionals type their letters to maintain a more "businesslike" feel to their correspondence. However, a handwritten note may be appropriate if you sense a more personalised approach will be well received, and you have confidence in your penmanship. 

Proofread your 'thank you' note  

Use the full name and title. Ask someone to review your letter to ensure it is grammatically correct and free of typos. The last touch: your signature. Use your first name if you know the person who interviewed you well. Otherwise, sign your full name.

Hiring managers surveyed by Robert Half estimate that 49 per cent of applicants fail to send a 'thank you' note. Stand out from the crowd. 

Andrew Morris, managing director, Greater China, Robert Half International

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