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Avoid upsetting colleagues

Published on Thursday, 06 Jan 2011
Illustration: Bay Leung

A positive relationship with colleagues and a pleasant working atmosphere can make time in the office more enjoyable and help with career advancement. Hence, you should avoid actions that may have a detrimental effect on your relationships.

Sharing too much information, too often  

Taking an interest in a colleague's personal life is important when building relationships. But revealing too much, too frequently will affect your reputation. Be sure not to divulge on family spats or marital issues to colleagues who ask about your weekend. 

Using the internet at work  

Take a break from work regularly, but beware that many companies monitor internet and e-mail use and can quickly and easily spot unproductive employees. Surfing on non-work-related websites or making long personal calls during office hours will attract the attention of your superiors and co-workers, who may be taking on extra work as a result of your inefficiency. 

Over-relying on technology  

Excessive text or e-mail messaging, particularly regarding trivial things, can disrupt co-workers. Place a call or arrange an in-person discussion to resolve issues quickly and ensure that both parties are in agreement.

Andrew Morris, managing director, Robert Half Hong Kong

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