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To be a Professional Planning and Development Surveyors

The Planning and Development Division is one of the six divisions of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS).  It now numbers about 62 professional members known as “Professional Planning and Development Surveyors” (or P&D Surveyors) who serve in both the private and public sectors in Hong Kong.

P&D Surveyors specialise in development feasibility studies prior to the inception of development proposals and give advice on planning and development analyses, land, property, development values, and appropriate negotiating strategies.  They also provide expertise in financing and funding projects under different formats; participate in town planning applications; and advise on the interpretation of lease conditions and modifications, property development, development appraisals/project evaluations/viability studies, asset management and planning, and development research.  They are able to provide sound professional advice to clients and their employers on matters related to these aspects.

The demand for P&D surveyors in Hong Kong and vicinity is strong.  Experienced P&D surveyors have either taken up top or senior positions with the government, quasi-government bodies, public and non-government organisations, universities, institutions, real estate developers, and consultants or have gone into private practice.

Presently, no P&D professional institute in China has a reciprocal recognition agreement with the HKIS.  However, there are tremendous job opportunities for professional P&D surveyors on the Mainland where, due to its rapid economic development and urbanisation, development potential is vast.  Currently, the work that P&D surveyors should assume there has been taken up by anyone who claims to be able to do the job.

Besides technical knowledge, professionalism and ethics are of extreme importance in P&D surveying.  Thus, properly-trained professional P&D surveyors in Hong Kong and China should have greater career opportunities.

Currently, the undergraduate surveying programmes of the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Tongji University in Shanghai are recognised by the HKIS.  Their graduates, after a suitable on-the-job training programme, are eligible to apply for professional assessment by the HKIS before eventually becoming qualified professional P&D surveyors.  The HKIS is discussing with a few other universities in Hong Kong and China the possibility of further mutual cooperation and recognition of qualifications.

Sr Dr Tony Leung
Chairman of Planning & Development Division
The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors