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Turning a new page of our lives

University can be a conflicting experience. On one hand, it is a milestone that marks an important transition in our lives; on the other, blending in with peers and university culture can be a daunting challenge.

Positioning ourselves in the right social circle that suits us in university is indeed vital to our success in this particular stage of life. Having a healthy social circle makes a world of difference to a freshman, bringing us rewards like excellent academic performance and happiness, to name a few.

University opens one’s world up to new friends. Taking up residence in a university hall is definitely one way to do so, while participating in clubs and societies are also great options. Nonetheless, to begin our university life with new companions right off the bat, we will need some activities that are more packed and intense, so that we can quickly get to know other freshmen and seniors we will be studying with in the same campus in the coming few years.

That is the reason why orientation programmes exist. Some may say that orientation programmes are events that bring joy to freshmen. We would like to take it to a new level by using Orientation Programmes as a platform to provide a seamless transition into the new page of their lives, and avoid the fear of being isolated in a new environment.

The abundance of well-designed games in the Orientation Programme of Business Association BEA HKUSU ensures that everybody will be in the right mood to mingle with their peers. We believe places with happiness are places with a lot of interactions. That is why we will hand-pick the most entertaining mass games or group activities favoured by youth. For instance, large scale water games and suspense detective games are two of the most popular activities in our Orientation Programme.

Besides, the Orientation Camp will not mark the end of the Orientation Programme as we will offer additional events as an extension of the programme. High Table Dinner is one of our flagship post-Orientation Camp event. With guests from all walks of life, such as finance, consulting, private equity, technology etc., our events aim to provide freshmen with life-changing experiences involving interaction with influential leaders. Freshmen can also grasp the opportunity to participate in a formal occasion while dressed up in the well-known green gown in Loke Yew Hall, one of the most iconic buildings of the University of Hong Kong (HKU).

Group leaders will organise meet-ups with freshmen after the end of the Orientation Programme. It is our tradition to provide guidance to freshmen as helping out junior fellows is one of the, if not the most, rewarding experience for seniors. Looking out for freshmen that we share awesome memories with is satisfying.

At the end of the day, what we can gain from the Orientation Programme is way more than the mere joy in the events. Our Orientation Programme is tailor-made for freshmen to foster life-long connections and relationships with their peers and seniors in the HKU. We will do whatever we can to strengthen the bond among college students studying in the Faculty of Business and Economics.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we cannot afford to miss. The Orientation Programme of Business Association BEA HKUSU is open for enrolment now. Lets immerse ourselves in the vibrant environment in the HKU and kick-start our college journey in style!