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University graduate from Canada looking for a career change


Dear Career Doctor,

I have been reading/ buying Classified Post every Saturday for almost a year :)

I just turned 27 and I feel old and thinking seriously about a career change. 

I graduated with a BA in Recreation, Sports and Tourism in 2009 from a top 4 University in Canada. Half of my life were in Canada.

Recently I am working as a part time tutor at a local Hong Kong secondary school. I am deciding to become a teacher and not sure what path/ courses to study first: full time PGDE ( Postgraduate Diploma in Education) for 1 year at local 3 universities or a master major in English?

I am not sure should I apply primary or secondary route in PGDE (because of the current HK economic- less secondary students and more primary students), and if I want to teach English which universities has the best word-of-mouth program/ prospective employer likes to see)

Also, what can I really do with my first degree in Hong Kong? I appreciate for your help, thank you.

Banana Girl