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Question :

I would like to study towards becoming a lawyer, and am currently considering the University of London LLB program (distance learning/external). I already possess a bachelor's degree with a 2:1.

I heard even getting a 2:1 from the University of London LLB degree does not secure a place in PCLL (of course having passed the conversion papers).

Pls provide advise on this. Many thanks!

Posted by BB on Tuesday, 11 Jun 2013

Comments :

Mark Enticott - Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 19th June 2013 11:57:00 PM


I think it is fantastic that you are considering doing your LLB. I would always recommend that you do your research before committing your time and effort to a new area of studies and career path. The reason for this is sometimes people are attracted to a particular area and after years of study and working in that field, they realise that it is different from what they expected. There are a number of factors that I think you should consider. Firstly, why is becoming a lawyer attractive to you? In addition, in what legal area would you would like to specialise in? It is also a good idea to talk to people in the area of law that is of interest to you and gain an understanding of the skills and attributes that they believe is required to succeed in that profession. A detailed understanding of the nature of work especially in the first three years and how this changes over your career is also highly recommended. The most important point is making sure you are going to enjoy your work, and be really passionate and driven doing it. This will ensure that you will have a successful career in law. After doing your research to determine if this is the right career move, it is important to research on which universities are the better ones to obtain your qualifications from. It seems that you are keen on the University of London and I would recommend you discuss with them about your current Bachelor’s Degree and gain a full understanding of what is required in order for you to commence your new studies. Different universities will have different requirements, so I would short list a few options and also discuss with them about each of their requirements for you to gain entry into their respective courses. During your studies it is good to do some internship with law firms as this will help you when you have completed your degree in gaining a full time position. Ultimately if you are passionate about becoming a lawyer, this will happen for you. It will just take time, research and hard work to achieve this goal. Good luck!

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